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Why so serious?

agent of chaos
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  • Newcastle College - Newcastle upon Tyne, England - Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom (2005 - 2007)
me 26 year old blonde female. british. sarcastic. optimistic.
i love iced vanilla lattes from Starbucks, my 3 little kitties, sunrises, beaches, thunderstorms, daffodills, cake, vodka, laughter, books, the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer, ben & jerry's ice cream, stuffed animals & shopping.
television HEROES. LOST. THE COLBERT REPORT. BIG BROTHER 9 (UK). criminal minds. bones. vintage ER. girls next door. the west wing. cold case. buffy. ANGEL. firefly.
music paramore. serj tankian. rihanna. britney. lily allen. amy winehouse. nelly furtado. gwen stefani. fallout boy. christina aguilera.
movies the dark knight. pirates of the caribbean. harry potter. knocked up. superbad. the 40 year old virgin. the other boleyn girl. the illusionist. bambi. the lion king. little miss sunshine.
future ex-husbands stephen colbert. seth rogen. zachary quinto. alexis denisof.
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